Destilla® GmbH, which was founded in 1969, in southern Germany, sees itself as a far-sighted sustainable company. We work “in harmony with nature” and almost exclusively use natural raw ingredients. Flat hierarchies, coupled with family-run management, are the foundation of our employee-oriented corporate culture: people are at the centre of all we do.

Our constant powerful innovation is the key to our success. This is reflected by numerous awards, but above all by global customer satisfaction.

Offered products include powders, liquids (carried in oil, Ethanol or P.G.), in any array of single or custom made recipes. Destilla also has the capacity for small offtakes, allowing for access to all customers, large or small.

A full array of natural herbal, vegetable, fruit and mushroom flavours/extracts are available.


Polygal AG, a Swiss based company, is the global leader in the research and utilisation of vegetable hydrocolloids for various industrial applications. Customers from around the world are supplied from our four production facilities in the vicinity of the most important areas for raw materials and sales. For more than 50 years and in more than 60 countries around the world, Polygal has been synonymous with a high standard of quality and expertise in application technology.

Whether a pure gum (Tara, Guar or Carob) under the brand of Polygum, or a system offered by the brand of Polygel, Polygal has you covered. The stabilising and gelling properties offer an excellent balance of both mouth feel and stability. For sauces and gravies, a full range of cold soluble products are available which meet both manufactures and consumers’ expectations. In addition, low viscous Tara Gum is one of Polygal’s specialty areas.